Our Story

In 2016 we decided to create a food supplements brand that is not just for elite athletes or bodybuilders, but also for people who simply want to live healthier and get the most out of themselves. 

A positive, cheerful brand with products made of high quality, natural ingredients. With vitamins that are a pleasure to take because they are so delicious. All this with kind, helpful customer service and direct, open communication.

Just like most things, this was easier to imagine than to accomplish. Finally, in the spring of 2020, after more than 4 years of research, planning and preparation work, Vitaful embarked on a journey with three vegan gummy vitamins.

Be part of the Vitaful story and try our products without risk, thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee!

Vitaful Headquarters
Adliswil, Switzerland

Our principles

Quality without compromise

We only make products that we are 100% proud of and we would love to give to our families. 

Direct, honest communication

We communicate with our customers the way we would expect: kindly, honestly, and clearly.

Positive impact on the world

We want the world to be a better place with Vitaful,
than without it.