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“It tastes really good, I could eat it all at once.😊”

- Tünde 
Happy Hair Vitamin

Which one will be your favourite? :)

Delicious, fruit-flavoured, vegan gummies for adults

Vegan. Natural. Powerful.

Forget big, dry vitamin pills and artificial capsules!
The time of delicious, natural vitamins has come❤️

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🍭 Tastes and smells good = It's a pleasure to take.
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🌊 You won't need water to take them.  
⌚ You will never forget to take it.
😊 It's like a snack if you're craving something sweet. 

What makes Vitaful special?

Every Vitaful product is:

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About us

Vitaful is a customer-friendly dietary supplements brand from Switzerland.

We are located in the beautiful town of Adliswil, near Zurich.   

We only produce delicious, natural and vegan food supplements, that are not only healthy but also a pleasure to take. 

Every Vitaful product is developed in Switzerland and produced in the European Union, according to the highest product safety standards. 

If you're tired of taking big, artificial capsules and having like a whole pharmacy on your shelves ...

... and you want to maintain your health in the most delicious and natural way, then Vitaful is made for you!

 Our Reviews❤️

It's very tasty! 
I definitely feel healthier and more energetic. Thank you very much!  <3

L. Tokai
Women's Multi Multivitamin

I love it... 
My hair became really shiny and it grows faster. 

Dora Dudas
Happy Hair Vitamin

I highly recommend.
It tastes so good that I can't wait to take the next one. After a few days my hair loss visibly slowed down and now my hair is stronger, shinier and healthier. Thank you! 🙏

Happy Hair Vitamin

Highly recommend, delicious jelly vitamins👍😄
My order arrived very quickly and it didn't disappoint  me. 

It's really easy to take, I love it! I recommend it to everyone,they're not like the average vitamin pills.  

Happy Hair Vitamin

I usually don't like to take vitamins, because they are huge pills and you have to take them 3-4 times a day. So my initial enthusiasm goes as quickly as it had come.

But not with this one!
It's so delicious that it's hard not to eat more than the recommended amount.   Moreover with this "snack" I can also take care of my health.

W omen's Multi Multivitamin

Wonderful. My hair is alive again.
💖Thank you.
I recommend  it to everyone. 
My hair feels really soft and it tastes fantastic. 

Ildiko Rohrwild
Happy Hair Vitamin

Which one will be your favourite? :)

Delicious, fruit-flavoured, vegan gummies for adults